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Water tanks

Water tanks

We can supply water reservoirs with capacity from 1m3 to Finland, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, India, Arab Emirates and other countries.

Our water reservoirs can be applied for multiple purposes:

Our water tanks can be used in food and chemical industries, in hard machinery and as fire reservoirs.

Vertical carbon steel water reservoirs can be both welded and bolted. The product quality is inspectioned at all stages of production with all current norms and regulations preserved.

LLC “Absolut” is a will design, manufacture, deliver and install tanks in any country of Europe, Asia and Africa.

High quality tanks are accompanied by professional service.

Reservoirs for potable water

Our company is offering reservoirs for potable water produced from high quality materials. The use water brings to human health depends on its quality thus the quality of reservoir materials should be high level too. Our reservoir are protected by special anti-corrosion top-coat. All materials we use are ecologically friendly and comply with sanitary norms and regulations which provide safe storage of water without changing its chemical composition.

Potable water tanks

Potable water reservoirs are most required in regions with pure water delivery problems like distant production sites or agricultural objects.

The reservoir volume will depend on the number people consuming water and on water consumption time.

How to buy a water storage tank

You can not only order a reservoir, but also order an individual design and installation. We offer delivery to India, Arab Emirates, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia and other countries. Prices for standard reservoirs are calculated according to price list. Though prices for reservoirs with special designs are calculated individually, our reasonable prices and project terms will be a pleasant surprise for you!