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Grain Bins (Silos)


LLC «Absolut» is providing and erecting a wide range of equipment, including silos. Our products are mostly destined for storage of grains, cement, sand or cuts.

Basic characteristics of the silos we are providing:

Construction of grain silos

Grain bins Brock

Grain silos have the shape of a cylinder with cone or flat floor. Silos are made from high quality steel with anti-corrosion coating providing long service life in different climatic conditions. Silos can be equipped with such accessories as: ladders, hatches, temperature sensors, ventilation system, unloading system.

The silos structure provides quick loading and loading of dry products through pumps or by means of conveyor belt, and quick unloading through discharge opening in the bin floor.

Functions of grain bins:*

*Some of the functions shall need installation of additional equipment.

Types of grain bins

We offer several types of grain storage bins:

Applications of silos

A bin is a vertical tank used for loading, storage and discharge of dry bulk products in numerous production spheres and in agriculture. A silo can be placed inside production facilities and at an outdoor site. The silos we are offering can be used in different production spheres and can be a part of grain storage systems, grain drying or grain cleaning systems, grain processing productions, at farms.

Storage applications: Silos

Advantages of silos:

Our services

We can deliver and erect in Europe, Asia and Africa. Erection and installation of tank shall be performed by our crew of trained professionals.

We deliver and install tank in: