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Officially Authorized Distributor of USA Tank products

Tank factory "ABSOLUT"

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Installation reservoirs

installation of tanks

We are constructing vertical above-ground steel reservoirs for different kinds of liquid and dry materials. We apply only new assembly and where necessary – welding equipment (tanks are assembled by means of bolts and do not require any welding) of leading Russian and foreign producers.

How to order a tank

Once you call us, you will get a detailed consultation on a tank choice:

Modern technologies and trained specialists with sound experience of work with both Russian and foreign companies provide high quality of services we provide. All construction works are ecologically safe.

We provide full scope of construction works in EU countries (Poland, Finland, Estonia, Norway,Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain), Egypt, United Arab Emirates, India, Vietnam, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan.


Reservoir construction stages:

We will deliver and install a tank at any point in Europe and Middle East.